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Dr. Nicholas E. Wisniewski

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Westchester Eye Care prides itself on providing a high quality and diverse selection ensuring that you will find the eyewear to meet all of your needs. Our Eye Doctor and Staff  want you to be confident you have chosen the best quality frames that fit you and your style. Our staff is skilled at finding the frames that best suit not only you but your prescription and your lifestyle. We want to make sure you look great, feel great and see great with your new glasses, so you can rave to your friends about how great they make you feel!


We will do our best to provide a wide range of styles, brands and prices to fit all of your needs. Like with most products it is becoming harder and harder to find quality products that we feel meet our standards and the demands of our patients.  We will stand by our products and guarantee them against defects and will do our best to resolve other issues that arise with them.


Why get your glasses from us?

● Keep business local, we give back to the community, Dr. Wisniewski is a part of the Colchester Community and prides himself on giving back when he can.

● Our products are of superior quality and accuracy compared to retail locations.Check out this video/article for some of the reasons why buying from us is better than other options :

● We are more convenient for you to get to when adjustments and repairs are needed.

● We stand behind what we make with our satisfaction guarantee.

● All of our frames carry at least a 1 year warranty and many times longer.

● Our lenses (when coated with our recommended anti-reflective coating) carry a 2 year warranty against scratches and other defects.

● Dr. Wisniewski will recheck your prescription, no charge to you, to ensure it is correct if something seems off with the glasses.


How can some places provide 1 hour service and we cannot?

Some places can provide quality distance only or reading only glasses in under an hour, we do not yet have the equipment to do this but hope to in the future.

Any place providing progressive (no line bifocal) lenses the same day is selling you an inferior product.

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Dr. Nicholas E. Wisniewski

752 Middletown Road, Colchester, CT 06415