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Westchester Eye Care Reviews

Below are some of the reviews we have received recently from the web.  If you are looking to leave a Google review just click on the link below and you will be taken to the appropriate page.  If you have a Google account you will have to log in and if you don’t you need to sign up for one which only takes a minute.

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From Kelly P.

“Love Dr. Nick and everyone at Westchester Eye Care. I go there and my 2 girls (ages 4 & 6). My girls are hesitant with doctors and he was great with them. I would not hesitate to recommend Westchester Eye Care to anyone!”


From Robin

“We have been going to Dr. Nick for years. I am so glad he is back in town. I was able to schedule appointments for my son and myself together. Dr. Nick is thorough, prompt, courteous and professional with a great sense of humor!! The girls in the office are friendly and very helpful. His office hours are great. I highly recommend Westchester Eye Care.”



From Joe B.

“During a period of about a week, I was experiencing an increasing blurriness in my right eye. I stopped in @ Westchester Eye Care in hopes that “SOMEONE”, could tell me what was wrong.
Lo & Behold…..he was closed, BUT he was there, and opened the door. I went in and explained my situation to him, he examined me and discovered that my right eye had a detached retina, and immediate emergency sugery was needed. Dr Nick contacted Dr Margolis in Hartford, an appointment was set up, and I went into surgery that night @ 6:30pm. The surgery was a success, and since then, my eyesight has returned to “normal”, (which wasn’t the greatest to begin with), NOW cataract operations are needed.
If Dr Nick wasn’t as gracious as he was to open his door on his day off, I most probably would have lost the sight in my right eye.
Since the surgery, Dr Nick has seen me in several attempts to fit me with contacts that would improve my eyesight until my cataract operation. Because my eyes are “So bad” because of the cataracts, AND stigmatism, there wasn’t a whole bunch he could do, BUT he persevered, and I can actually see better now.
Through the compassion, courtesy and professionalism of Westchester Eye Care, not only was the sight in my right eye saved, but I can see better than BEFORE the detachment.
I can’t say enough about Dr Nick and his staff.
I HIGHLY recommend him.
I am now a loyal patient.”

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