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Transfer Records

If you have scheduled a visit, or plan to, and would like us to obtain your records from another eye doctor please call us or contact us via the form below.  We can mail or e-mail you a records release form which you can send or drop off at the appropriate office.  If you prefer to stop in you can fill out the form and we can fax it for you.   Some offices require a records release to be filled out others do not so if you are unsure contact us and we can find out for you!

To ensure that we have all of the information that we need to most accurately and efficiently address your needs during your first visit please remember to bring your:


● Medical and Vision insurance cards if applicable
● Photo ID
● Current glasses (even if just over the counter readers)
● Contact lenses (wear into exam and bring prescription information)
● Complete list of medications

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Dr. Nicholas E. Wisniewski

752 Middletown Road, Colchester, CT 06415