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Dr. Nicholas E. Wisniewski

752 Middletown Road, Colchester,CT 06415


Fax: 860-468-4235

Hours: Tuesday - Thursday 9-7

Friday: 8-4: Saturday: By Appointment

What to Expect:

● Promptness
● Courtesy
● Thoroughness
● Patience
● Personalized Attention

We will provide you with a comprehensive eye examination that personally attends to all your eye health and vision needs.Our goal is to detect eye diseases early, which if left untreated can cause serious and permanent vision problems.

We are always available for emergency care, click here to see a list of eye emergencies.


Your Comprehensive Eye Exam Will Include:

● Personal attention
● Determining an accurate eyeglass and contact lens prescription
● An eye pressure reading – test for glaucoma risk
● Evaluation for all eye diseases including cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration, retinal holes, tears or detachments and dry eye
● Evaluation of systemic diseases found in your eyes such as diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, and many inflammatory diseases including    arthritis.
● Pupil dilation which allows for a thorough evaluation of the retina.


At the conclusion of the eye examination Dr. Wisniewski will review and discuss all of the findings with you, along with personalized recommendations that best address your concerns and needs.


You should allow for approximately 45 minutes total for your exam and dilation. Some people like to arrive early to look at glasses frames before their eyes are dilated. Expect to have your eyes dilated on a yearly basis; some low risk patients will be dilated every other year.


We also work together with your other healthcare professionals including primary care physicians, endocrinologists and neurologists, to ensure you are receiving the highest quality care. We also work with only the best eye surgeons in the area, these are the surgeons I have sent my family members to. Whether it is cataract removal, retinal surgery or removing that unsightly growth on your eyelid, we can help you get that taken care of with the best expert in the area.


We are constantly striving to provide the very best and most state of the art care. We will use and maintain cutting-edge equipment and technologies to ensure that you have the benefits of the very latest optical and medical knowledge.

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Dr. Nicholas E. Wisniewski

752 Middletown Road, Colchester, CT 06415